Biggest Online Casino Welcome Bonus

The best casino bonuses are always tasty, but we’ve also made learning the wagering requirements easier. We will display how many times a deposit bonus or the like must be wagered on that particular website before it is released.

This way, you get a clear overview of the prior interest of each welcome bonus, allowing you to tailor your decisions to your preferences.

Bonuses: A Great Commercial Strategy

All casinos offer bonuses to new players, they are usually calculated as a percentage: between 25% to 200% and more of the initial deposit!

For example, if you deposit $20 with a 100% bonus, you receive 20 euros in bonus, and you will therefore have $40 to play. If you deposit $100 with a 200% bonus, you receive a $200 bonus—and therefore your € 100 stake will now be $300. These offers are particularly attractive because they double or even triple your budget, so you can play longer, bet more and… win more!

These bonus offers are the prerogative of online casinos—land-based casinos do not offer any, simply because the running costs of a real casino are not the same as those of an online casino, the latter being able to afford much more largesse with their players. And of course we have chosen the most generous of them in our selection.